This would have been a great game.

User Rating: 6 | SimCity Societies PC
I'm a Sim City fan, but I like the casual gameplay and near-infinite customization of this installment in the series. On a grade for pure gameplay, graphics, sound, value and tilt (I know, it's the pre-June 2007 scoresheet...) it gets a 9 in my book. Gameplay is a 10; it's addictive and quite a fun romp. Graphics weigh in at a 8, well detailed but not quite as good as City Life. Sound is not applicable; I play with the game muted. Value is probably a 10; you could get this game cheap nowadays. And tilt, my grade would be a 9 because this is a quite addictive, snappy game capable of holding attention for a few (around 3) hours.
If only I could play it for 3 hours on end. The 9.0 score this game would have received would be applicable - if this game was stable. Instead it crashes every 30-45 minutes, which often results in loss of progress (SAVE FREQUENTLY!!!), and, most of all, is very irritating to deal with. Every time it's a runtime error. Making the problem worse is the fact that I can't fill up even 30% of the land without this runtime error occurring; by 20,000 city population, it is terrible to the point I cannot play anymore and must start a new city. This problem appeared in 2008 I believe; I played the game bug-free from Dec 25, 2007 to early 2008.
But I still love the game itself =)