Nothing like simcity, unfortunally the exspansion just adds new graphics. if your a simcity 1-4 fan, dont exspect simcit

User Rating: 4.5 | SimCity Societies: Destinations PC
This just dont feel right, i felt let down when i bought the game societies.

but whith a small hope that the exspansion might change
the gameplay, and the difficulty i was let down.

im haveing a challenge playing simcity 4 rush hour
no challange playing societies.

But if its a way to introduce simcity to new sim players
well ok, preteens perhaps. but sertainly not for long
simcity fans, and the exspansion makes no difference to
the game.

i strongly advise people who want to learn simcity start with simcity 2000 or simcity 3000 then simcity 4 rush hour-.
for a plaesent learnign curve.

But on a positive note, there are some engine improvements i had some crashes and such with societies with the exspansion im crash free, and game runs smooth.

For PARENTS well i can recomend the game for your children in their pre-teens, maybe teens.
my nephew is playing it he is 7 he finds it entertaining, im just to old or to mind set on the original style city building a more relistic point.

have fun, Vaupell