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What Gamespot Users have to say about SimCity Societies: Destinations

  • Rating:5

    Please, No More Patches!

    I rated Simcity Destinations lower than planned. The only reason: the game crashes every time I play. Thank God for the Auto Saves! Restarting the game or the computer is a given. It becomes a very tiring process whe... Read Full Review

    3 of 5 users found the following review helpful
  • Rating:2

    Even the un-installer is poorly written

    The only people I can imagine enjoying this game, are ones who haven't played very many others. I don't know what other games the developer has created, but my guess is not many good ones. To be fair, I didn't go far int... Read Full Review

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  • Rating:4.5

    Mediocre non-Simcity SimCity

    This game is a slap to Will Wright and the great developers at Maxis. I don't know who signed off on this junk, but this game is utterly terrible to those who played SC3000, SC3K:UL and SC4 and SC4:RH. I can understand... Read Full Review

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  • Rating:4.5

    Nothing like simcity, unfortunally the exspansion just adds new graphics. if your a simcity 1-4 fan, dont exspect simcit

    This just dont feel right, i felt let down when i bought the game societies. but whith a small hope that the exspansion might change the gameplay, and the difficulty i was let down. im haveing a challenge playing ... Read Full Review

    1 of 4 users found the following review helpful