Hard, Confusing, Fiddily controls and Dodgy graphics= Disaster!

User Rating: 3.5 | SimCity DS DS
This game is very dissapointing; i borrowed it off a freind, played it once for half an hour- TERRIBLE!

The controls are really hard and confusing and like i said its really stupid having only one save slot, and also in game is hard to get eletricty and water and well... frankly sim city just isnt fit for the Nintendo DS im afraid...

The graphics are average- not great and not brilliant and you can hardly see whats going on.

Gameplay, well as i just said- Confusing

Value, not worth the money and hardly worth a rental either.

Re-playabilty, well lets leave that to you shall we?

Overall, Disastrous!

Like i say in most of my negative reviews- Dont buy this game, dont even rent it!