Unplayable due to extremely poor design, visuals and controls. The advisor certainly ain't helping the game at any point

User Rating: 2.5 | SimCity DS DS
So, I was looking forward testing a stylus-based SimCity game after playing SimCity for the SNES just recently. Having the controls fluid and accessable was the most important aspect when I thought about getting the game. But once I started it up...

When I was unfortunate enough to start the game I was greeted with alot of talk and some quizes which I couldn't care less about, just in order to give me an advisor I didn't want to have at all. Once I got the advisor I was forced to have there consuming the corner of the touch-screen I was off to create my own town. First notice when I got there was how stupid the interface was... the buttom screen handles all the placements while the upper-screen represent the actual visuals of what you've done. For example if you build a Power Plant it will only be visualed in a few colored squares on the grid on the touch-screen while the upper screen represents the visuals of the actual building. It might not sound bad but it's horrble as placement on the grided display is next to impossible due to the extremely unpolished and simplistic design.

But even at this point the game was somewhat playable and I'd like to give it some time and practice it, but then the major screw-up was about to uncover... The advisor. Once you click on a column of objects to place, such as Residents or such the advisor will consume half of the screen telling you what you're about to place and what it does in the game. This happends Every time you're selecting that button and it can only be removed by double-clicking on the touch-screen.

EA Games totally ruined this game by their retarded design. The game was next to perfect on the SNES but was now ruined by the advisors, extremely poor design, and so on. I wouldn't get the game even if I got money to play it, it's simply one of the worst games I've played. I'm going back to play the SimCity SNES now.