Amazing game played for years and years.

User Rating: 9 | SimCity 4 PC
Surprisingly good, i don't expected to build cities was so fun

In the beginning you start whit a little and beautiful sprawl you star to build put a residential zone here another one there and ready, put some industry you give the city electricity and wait for they growth up little by little.

You have to affront diverse challenges like the approbation rate (how popular you are, giver services make it happier but to the same time maintain the balance of money.

After a while you overpass all the basic challenges and then you star to really expand your city built highways, bridges, you industrialize more terrain you get bigger and bigger until.... a gigantic robo-monter stars to destroy your beloved city.

The when you finally get tired you can optimize your city make better more clener, etc..... or you can simple destroy everything you ever love and star over again.

Thats the beauty of the game make it time to time whatever lo liked without obvious limits.

The bad thing its poorly optimization (i think) you can't build a mega-urb and expect full performance on a decent machine.