Sim city 4 is the 4th game in the sim city series and it is pretty damn good!

User Rating: 8.5 | SimCity 4 PC
Sim City 4 is the fourth game in the cim city series, and it is a pretty bloody good game, it looks very well detailed in the way it looks and it is very recommendable to almost everyone.

In this sim city game you will have to build a city from the ground up, but this is executed differently to past Sim City games, insted of selecting a landscape from a list and building your city that way with naighbouring citys already on it's borders, you insted have to build an entire region from scratch.

When you start building your city you will like in other Sim city games zone areas of land for development for example you can zone your residentual
areas and industrial and you can zone at different densities of development, but as your city grows you can build airports, transportation systems and much more.

Although this is a good game, it's downside is realy when buildings start to ware for no real reason which can somewhat be annoying when yoou are trying to build a worth while city, also having to build the whole region from scratch is different but difficult for your first tme playing.

Dispite those minor issues this game is a game worth playing.