Sim City 3000 is still the best in series

User Rating: 7.6 | SimCity 4 PC
Sim City 4 introduces big changes to the Sim City series originally created by Will Wright. I personally prefer sim city 3000 to this game.

The good:
- 3d graphics
- Terra-forming landscapes have been made easier
- Day/Night cycle

The bad:
- UI is copied from "The Sims", to gain access to one building, you need to go through more clicks
- News ticker is replaced by a news box which is boring
- More options to micro-manage everything
- The advisers have the same face??
- No challenging scenarios to play with
- Music doesn't sound as nice as the previous game
- Roads do not automatically join together sometimes
- Roads are added automatically when you zone sectors, so the freedom to build anyhow you like is decreased
- Rewards & opportunities, as well as the newer utilities buildings are laid out in the game menu, they should be hidden and be shown to the player when he receives it (just like in simcity3000), so as to make the game more interesting