Fun game, kinda like Civilization.

User Rating: 8 | SimCity 4 PC
Hi I am InnerScribe, reviewing Sim City 4 made by Electronic Arts. It's a really fun game, it reminds me of Civilization. Except this one had some worse and better features then Civilization. You can try your best to make a successful city, or you can make a total blow city. Thanks to some features with this game. Its called the "disaster" feature. It's really cool and probably won't see it much in these kind of games. You can do volcanos, UFO invasion, hurricanes, tornados, and a couple more. It's fun and anyone can enjoy this game. But it may have some limited appeal to some people but most people should find it addictive. Anyway it's a good and solid
PC game. I hope you have enjoyed my Sim City 4 review. Have fun.

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