The best SimCity of them all.

User Rating: 10 | SimCity 4 PC
Well, this game has been running 10 years strong. With the help of the community members at Simtropolis, this game is so much more than it would have been, almost reinventing the game.

With the looks of it, this will be the last great SimCity.

Region mode and terraforming are amazing, adding a whole new element to the game. Highways connecting cities throughout the region, causes cities to rely on one another for growth, adding an entirely realistic element to the game. With the help of the NAM team, the transportation options are nearly endless.

The graphics are great. When the game first came out, it took the best of the best systems to run the game. Even then, those systems would be bogged down and slow running the game with a large city. Now, a decade later, any average PC can run the game quite good, of course, with a few graphical adjustments, you can even run the game on a low end system. There are several mods that improve on the graphical appearance of the terrain, trees, oceans, and rivers, with the ability to have you game look like any region in the world. From deserts and brown water, to forests with snow and blue sparkling seas.

With the new SimCity coming out sometime this year, DRM requirements, small city sizes, no region view, no terraforming, and pre-laid highways, it looks like the franchise will be dead after this.

SimCity 4 is one of a kind! The best of the best. Until a true SimCity 5 is made, SimCity 4 always will be the best of the best.

10/10, an Instant Classic.