The sweet old world of micromanaging and freedom of construction. Still playing, to this date.

User Rating: 8 | SimCity 4: Rush Hour PC
It makes me sad they ruined the good old city building game. These older versions are still worth going to. I love the fact they allow modding, addons and it's all up to you what you do in the game. I want control (ie. freedom!), I want to adjust everything, I like to fiddle around and learn how things work, I like to set them to my preference (which changes on daily basis, ofcourse). Simcity 4 is still like that. I can do what I want and look how it pans out, may it be better or worse. Mistakes are mine and no-one gives me a ready made layout and simplified objects. I was looking forward to the 2013 release, but after reading it's again dumbed down more like Simcity Socities (ready made roads and whatnot) and limiting my choices I am simply gonna try another brand. And get some new mods to this great old game to keep it fresh!Why this game doesn't get full 10/10 is that some parts are made half assed, like farming industry, complete lack of other resource industries, road designs, moronic routing AI forcing you to use blocking method to keep sims from creating insane traffick bottlenecks, retarded reconcile-tool that destroys everything, cities connections to neighbors etc., and there is loooot of bugs. The choices what to do could actually be way more - luckily all the brilliant mods out there correct this quite a bit. But I'm a harsh critic, I do find the game extremely enjoyable and 8 is a high mark from me :)