Possibly the best in the series

User Rating: 9.6 | SimCity 3000 PC
Introduction: Well, SC3KU is a remake of the previous SIMCity 3000 game. SC3K itself has to be, in my own opinion, the best of the SC games. Maxis took there award winning series of SC games and brought it into the modern world with much improved graphics, sound and gameplay. A short while after SC3K was made, Maxis released the "Unlimited" version of the game, which was essentially the exact same game, with additional features to really help you dive deeper into the world of SC. The main things which were added, was a building creator, so now you could even MAKE the buildings that would appear in your city yourself. Also, a scenario creator so you could make your own scenario's and share them with the SC community. And finally, you could choose between differant sets for the buildings, giving them many differant looks. Gameplay: As always, your goal is to create a thriving, wealthy metropolis. You lay down the infrastructure for the city, building powerplants and water pumps, along with laying down underground pipes to carry the water to the city's populous. You build the roads, schools and other fundamentals, and then lay down space for housing, commercial and industrial zones. The sims will move into your city looking for work and a good life, and will build there homes and workplaces to there own wills. As with the previous SC game, you have a council of people to help govern your decisions, giving you advice on how to reduce polution, increase money, and encourage people to move to your city. Story: ............................ Graphics and Sound: The graphics are just awesome. You can zoom right down and see the small cars and pedestrians walking thru the streets of your city. The buildings look very good, and you have to zoom extremely close in to even see any pixilation at all, unlike SC2K where you had it even at the farthest zoom setting. The sounds are fairly good. The bkgd music in the game can be addictive to listen to some times, but that just add's to the effectiveness...since SC games are addictive by nature...more then crack. Replayability: If there is one game you want to play many times, its this one. SC3KU is a fun SC game to play, even to the most stupid or hardcore gamer. Final Recommendation: All in all, i give SIMCity 3000 Unlimited a 9.5 out of 10. Its a great game that most anyone can enjoy. It doesnt require a great PC to run, and is good for many hours of play, or just a few minutes. If you have any interest in SC games, this is the one id recommend.