A city building experience thats hard to get tired of.

User Rating: 8.8 | SimCity 3000 PC
Sim city 3000 is an excellent city simulation experience. This game is full of greats. Great graphics, great gameplay, great sound etc. All of this combines into a great game thats hard to exit.

In this game you will be building cities that must fit everybodies needs and keep your money up. At first it may seem easy, but problems with pollution and education and other such things really make it frustarating and fun at the same time.

The graphics are amazing, all the scenery and buildings and even cars and buses look beautiful. There are never any hitch ups which provides for a smooth nice looking game.

The sounds are pretty cool to, however there is not much sound. I think that this game does not need much sound though as without sound you get a very concentrated calm game of city building.

The game is not to much on the easy side infact its quite hard but it is fun at the same time. If you want a calm game thats fun and like city building then this is a good game for you.