Forget the game, listen to the music!

User Rating: 6.5 | SimCity 3000 PC
Im not entirely in love with the game. There is something about 2000 which just pips this. Maybe its the nostalgia talking, but I felt the gameplay lacked immediacy in 3000. We waited so long for it to appear, and the graphics were good, but the whole thing with the farms just threw me, and I could never keep playing for more than 30 minutes. The score on the other hand, I could listen to for hours! Some of the mellow jazz pieces sound like they were created by a master, rather than a frustrated composer that had settled for videogames soundtracks. This was the turning point for good sound and music in games, after this everything moved away from midi to properly composed scores. I loved midi music, and still do, but there is something slightly childish sounding about it. This felt like a grown up game, and perhaps it was too grown up for me when I first played it.
Overall, I felt it was too slow, and the graphics, while pleasing, are easily outdone today without looking forgivably retro. But play it for the music, its genuinely good!