That's one peaceful game that's hard to master... Typical city-building with a decent control over the treasury.

User Rating: 8.4 | SimCity 3000 PC
Stretch yourself... Clear your mind... Sit down comfortably... It's time to play Sim City 3000. You are the mayor here. You run the things around your Sim City.


Clear and apt, the graphics are just enough for the game. In fact, hi-end graphics might actually deal a blow to the game's overall quality. You might find that such graphics belittle the gameplay and there you have it, the game's strong-point is weakened. The zoom levels are decent and the extra animations just fit in.


There are several background scores that continue playing in loops. You can also select a specific score to be played and turn the others off. Almost all of them are soft and pleasing. It doesn't rush you up. The in-game sounds are quite insignificant here, though there are some apt sounds.


Entertaining gameplay. Doesn't pull you to the edge of the seat, but keeps you occupied for hours. A modern city-building game, all you have to do is be a mayor and oversee the development of your city. There are residential, commercial and industrial zones that yopu have to zone on the map. And then come the vital necessities for a city like power, water, transport and even other civic nessecities like police, fire-stations, schools, hospitals, parks, etc. The game has various aspects like crime, pollution, traffic, unemployment, power and water requirements, etc to tend to. There are various ordinances that usually cost some money based on the city size(But some actually bring in money.) which you have to careful while issuing taking into consideration the city development, the demands of your paople and the burden on the finances. You can also strike deals with neighbouring cities. There are always your advisors, who might be of help and they also notify you of some important issues.
After playing for really long time you find that gameplay gets monotonous. There is a lack of variety in the buildings. Another negative point is the deals with neighbours. You can't initiate a deal. All you can do is plug your power lines, water pipes, roads and railways to the edge of the map and wait for the neighbour to propose a deal. There are no campaigns; its just choose a location and start building. It takes a long time before you actually start seeing profit and even longer for it to stabilise and yet even longer to get a decent profit.


No action. No adventure. Just the fun of building a city and watching it prosper. A game for soft and analytical type and not for the others.