if you're new to the series, it is slightly difficult to pick up, but overall a solid game with good replay value

User Rating: 7 | SimCity 3000 PC
The game has passable graphics for its time, a good replay value, and good sound/soundtrack to augment the main fetures of the game.
the game itself does not stray far enough from the earlier simcity games to make it a truly great game, but it improves upon them just enough to make it a little refreshing and enjoyable to new players and those who know the series well.
while its gameplay is for the most part quite good, it still has lots of room for improvement and fixes, which will hopefully come in a sequel
-there is a noticable lack of variation in the style of buildings in each
-many commercial buildings are the same, many residential buildings are the same, many industrial buildings are the same, etc.
-the advisors are not very helpful in giving suggestions for how to actually fix problems; they simply complain about the problem and leave the solving entirely up to you
-while this provides a fun and interesting challenge, some problems are a bit steep, and can get quite frustrating, especially when the advisors are vague and annoying
-and other problems are simply too easy to fix
-taxes are not handled well
-at one percentage the people will be happy, but the town will not make enough money, while only a single percentage above the people will instantly grow furious and leave abruptly, and a single percentage below the town's funds will drop like a rock in no time at all