Great game for all people who like to rule cities!

User Rating: 9.6 | SimCity 3000 Unlimited PC
Even though it is pretty old by now, I still happily take this game out and play for many hours. Even though it doesn't have flashy graphics, I still enjoy playing it. Why? Because its play value is very high. With its funny advisors, and it complex, yet easy to learn building options, this game easily is very addictive.

As already said, graphics wise this game isn't top, but you can tell if a street is too crowded, or what kind of area it is.

Sound is very good, it always changes as I move from one city area to another. While industrial areas have a lot of hammering, commercial and residential areas have a lot of car noise.

The controls are easy, seen that you can do anything with just a mouse.

All in all, a good game for any SimCity fan. And anybody else.