Has it's problems.

User Rating: 7.2 | SimCity 3000 Unlimited PC
Overall, I really did enjoy this game--when it would work! I have a top-of-the-line computer and this is the only game that gives me such a hard time to play. The graphics are great, I really like the fact that I can zoom in and out of my city. The sound was impressive as well, not many games can I say that about. What frustrated me the most was trying to build the city on a budget and try to make money. Unless you are the first to build electric plants and water plants no other communities will deal with you. If you raise taxes, everybody leaves. So, I just hunted down some cheat codes to use and it made the game easier, and more fun, to play. Having to jump back and forth from below ground to build water lines and subways to above ground gets to be a major pain--but a necessary one. The interface of the game could use some work, I wasn't impressed with that in the least. Trying to build farms I found was especially difficult as well as coastal marianas. I would really like to try Sim City 4, but I'm afraid of having the same problems as I did with this game not working well on my PC. When I can play it I really do like the game and the idea of building and managing my own town/city.