A lack of options is just one of the problems.

User Rating: 3 | SimCity 2000 GBA
As someone who has 2 other versions of SimCity 2000, I got this thinking it might be fun to play on the go. Boy was I wrong. While the gameplay is mostly the same as in other versions, this version has even fewer options than the PS1 version and the graphics still seem to slow down(always a gripe of mine) while the scroll rate is mind-numbingly slow as well. I think that this game works a lot better as something to sit down and play for a few hours at home on a PC or console instead of trying to build a city while on the bus. I used to play this a lot for the PSX but I only have a total of about 1 hour on this stinker. I just can't seem to get into it. If you want a strategy title for the GBA, there are other options that blow this away. Avoid this unless you really want to build cities on the go.