I love this game :) I wish I could make millions of habitats at SImcity 3 and 4.

User Rating: 9.8 | SimCity 2000 PC
Very nice game without being boring and full of silly videos etc.
It needs to think a lot of your next moves and if u really try hard u
can get millions of people at your town.Too bad u cant do it at
Simcity 3 and 4.You organize your power plants , your water ( pumps)
structures and channels and then u start building your town just like
u want it.I love that u can set diffrent zones and c them growing . For sure this is a nice old game that several people really loved
and still have cool things to say about :) It is really amazing h a game
can make u play it hours and hours without having GBs of videos
and sound which really don't mean much at new games.