The beginning

User Rating: 6.8 | SimCity PC
The game that started a fantastic series of games. From SimCity came the Sims, SimAnt, SimHotel, and all of the other SimCities. So what did the first game have, you might ask? It had all of the basic components that the following games had, just a bit simpler. You had to manage a city with residential, commercial, and industrial zones. You had to make sure that they had power, police protection, fire protection, and such. There just wasn't the complicated parts of keeping the individual citizen groups happy or repairing after the number of catastrophes that occur down the road.

I think that this game had a great concept but was ahead of its time for what it tried to accomplish. The graphics and the sound could not be projected at the level that the developers' minds were thinking. If you disagree with the score, keep those things in mind.