Where it all started!

User Rating: 9.8 | SimCity PC
This is the first "sim" title from Maxis (now EA) that set off a PC game revolution. Gameplay was highly addictive and I can remember playing hours on hours on my old IBM XT (old school). By today's standards the game is obviously very dated (almost 20 years old!) but at the time there wasn't anything like it on the market. It has left a great legacy that has spawned countless clones and three (soon to be four) sequels, and of course the spin off of The Sims and a few ill-fated other sim games (SimCity Racing, Sim Copter, SimTown). You had the option of several disasters to wreak havoc on your city and its little sims. My favorite was a Godzilla-like monster, one that was axed in later SC games (replaced by an Alien monster in SC2K). The sound was over the PC speaker since computers rarely had sound cards or external speakers at the time.