User Rating: 6.5 | Silent Storm PC
Waste of 50 bucks!! Don't be fooled by the graphics in the screenshots, you won't get it to look like that unless you have some major hardware. I have a 2.8 P4 (not celeron), NVIDIA TI4600 (cost me $350 last year), 1 gig memory, and all the settings are on medium or low just to be able to stand playing it. It also doesn't have 1280x1024 for those of us that LCD monitors which really is inexcusable these days. Did they rush it out the door? Absolutely, no CD case here, just paper sleeves. You can get this game for $19.99 in about 3 months. The sound is at best OK and you will get tired of your guys saying the same thing over and over. But what will make you ill is the constant "path not found" message while cliking on a spot that can easily be reached and then moving your mouse a centimeter more to see your character move where you cliked the first time. Trust me, you will be disappointed in the way this game not only looks but how it responds to your commands.