User Rating: 9.6 | Silent Storm PC
This Game is simply incredable it has its flaws in realism but its good dominates its bads. First of all may I mention its total destructable enviorment such as ex: you walk up to a door hmmm its whip out panzerfaust/bazooka point it at the wall BOOOM! Well there the door or just shoot the door till it break and walk in or use a nade blow the door off walk in windows can actually be shot through you name it its destructable. This game stratedy as in cover and everything is just amazingly realistic such as you can crouch behind a car and shoot over the hood avoiding shooting the car but at the same time have cover its just so great! Interactivity IS AWSOME! NO QUESTIONS all things are interactive the total destructivity given available to the player adds on to this if there is a person such as a civilian and you dont feel mercillias during your raid of an building simply sink one into the head. Which leads to what I like to call The Ragdoll Effect I have seen this affect in other game and I think there starting to realize how great it makes the game it adds a great amount of realism to the game GREATLY! And also there are mods already installed into the game to modify game play if you dont like it such as Say you dont like the whole head shot thing or you do like it well go to mods turn head shot kill on or off your choice with many others such as one shot kill (always critical) which gives it a little too realistic touch if you ask me lol. But this game is so far the best game I have seen except for two things. Weapons they are not as powerful as they should be such as A mauser 98k sniper heart shot doesnt kill and the bullet goes through them. Second the future touch in the middle and end of the game you discover futuristic mechs and weapons in which you fight in quite a few levels 5 maybe 4 levels maybe more Im not sure but 75% of the levels you play will be regular WWII combat. This game is just great just awsome two thumbs up! And may I say I judge many WWII game War games in general at that you could probably go to any WWII game review and find that I have reviewed it and this Is probably the best out of All and may I say if you enjoy this I think youll enjoy freedom fighters and GRANDLY Great Game indeed!