GOG has restored this wonderful game

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If you have not played Silent Storm and expansion Sentinels, you are in for a treat.  GOG.com (Good Old Games) has finally restored one of the best overlooked games of all time.   A game Nival pretty much neglected after a couple of years.  After a few years SS was unplayable on most newer machines and video cards.  GOG has remedied this and added SS Gold to the catalog.  

If you are a fan of XCOM, Jagged Alliance and TBS in general, this is a must play.  Even if you just want to try something now.  The amazing engine holds up quite well even today.  A revived Jagged Alliance game was supposed to use this engine but the developer abandoned it or went belly up or something.

I highly recommend this game and to top it off GOG has SS Gold on sale for $4 bucks right now.