Silent Line: Armored Core Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Obtaining the MWB-MX/WAKE back part.

    In the mission Mission: Test New Technology in Zone 5 - Neo Central, you'll have four parts of the mission to complete to get this part. Equip the NER Core, the longest range FCS, the Sniper Rifle with 80 rounds, and some Hecto Rockets.

    First, you have to dodge all missiles fired upon you without attacking the MTs firing them. To do this easily, at the start of the mission, Overboost (Don't worry about running out of energy, the part you're testing makes it hard to do so) to the far transport ship and stay there. The missiles can't reach you from there.

    After the timer runs out, you can begin attacking the MTs that fired the missiles upon you, but destroy them quickly. The Sniper Rifle should take them down in one hit.

    Next, you'll have to deal with a bunch of Aerial MTs that decided to barge in on the mission. Dispatch them with the Sniper Rifle and ready yourself for the Massive MT. Aim carefully though, they're pretty fast.

    Lastly, if you've met the requirements, you'll be attacked by the Massive MT. It's pretty easy though, just stay to its side or behind it and fire the Hecto Rockets. After you destroy it, you'll be rewarded with the MWB-MX/WAKE part. It adds 5000 to the power of your boosters.

    Contributed by: Sixth Ghost 

  2. Getting the MWC-OC-30 back weapon

    The MWC-OC-30 back part is in the mission ''Investigate the Unexplored Region''. I suggest taking a heavy tank armed with a long range weapon to take out the pesky heavily armed bazooka launching MTs. But make sure you have a fast weapon, such as the LQ-15 or the CNG-300.

    First take out all the fast moving MTs. Then when the heavy MTs are left. Go to the center of the map where the wreckage of the plane is. Blow up the back and go inside, the OC-30s will be inside on the left.

    Then after you defeat the MTs, two unknown ACs will come after you. I suggest getting in the whole, the getting out of it and getting to the opposite side of the plane opening, VERY QUICKLY! If you're lucky the moron tank will get stuck in the plane leaving the other, lighter AC to you. After you're done with the AC, go after the other, it doesn't fire much, just unload all your ammo on him and he'll die quick.

    After the missions over you should get a hefty sum of money and two MWC-OC-30s. If you're low on money sell them, they go for 99,000 a piece.

    Contributed by: ACWarrior2890 

  3. Obtaining the KWB-SBR44 Parrying Blade

    To find the KWB-SBR44 Parrying Blade you have to play the mission ''Eliminate the Bio-Weapon''. When you enter the first room with enemies look for the crack on the left side of the wall. A corridor will lead you to the KWB-SBR44.
    Stats: Weight/355, Attack Power/4500, Energy Drain/8, Ammo/4.

    Contributed by: Totenkopf 

  4. Get Arena AC Emblems

    Press Start and Select while looking at a defeated Arena AC. You'll hear a tone telling you that it worked.

    Contributed by: Attica1 

  5. Unlock PLS-SRA2

    To get the SRA2(FCS) part, do the ''Takeover New Fortress'' mission, and look at the hole in the center of the area, fly up, and it should be in the middle of the first pipe you see, get up to it, and hit the ''circle'' button, to retrive it.

    Contributed by: flanjr 

  6. Unlock CWC-LIC/100

    Do the ''Attack Unexplored Region''. Destory both white MT you come across and compete the mission.

    Contributed by: Anonymous 

  7. Extra Arena

    Just like in Armored Core 3, there too, is an extra arena for you to dominate. To unlock it, simply beat Mobius, the A-1 rank raven. Once you've done it, the extra arena appears next to the regular arena. It's 2-on-2 battles with 2 opponent AC and you and a partner. You can even pick your AI AC as a partner!

    Contributed by: MercilessOne 

  8. All Mission compete unlockables.

    Beating all missions and getting a S-Rank in all of them will unlock various parts. Competeing 11 missions with a certain type of leg part will unlcok a new leg part.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Compete all CREST missions. CCL-02-E1
    Complete 11 Missions with Catepillar Legs CLC-D4ZTSL
    Complete 11 Missions with Heavyweight Humanoid Legs CLH-04-SOD
    Complete 11 Missions with Lightweight Humanoid Legs CLL-03A-SRVT
    Complete 11 Missions with Middleweight Humanoid Legs CLM-02-SNSKA1
    Compete all KISARAGI missions. KEEP-ELIX
    Compete all Missions. KGP-ZXV1
    Compete all MIRAGE missions. MCM-M1/008
    Complete 11 Missions with Reverse-Joint Legs MLB-MX/008
    Complete 11 Missions with Quadruped Legs MLF-RE/006
    Complete 11 Missions with Hover Legs MLR-MX/LEAF
    Get S-Rank on all missions. MWG-HGB/108

    Contributed by: Anonymous 

  9. Ranking Unlockables.

    Reaching certian ranks will unlock certian parts.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Defeat Arena Rank E-21 CWI-DD-30
    Reach Rank C-7 In The Arena. CWM-BM60-1
    Reach Rank D-7 In The Arena. CWR-M70
    Reach Raven Rank B. KAW-SAMURAI2
    Reach Rank E-8 In The Arena. KWG-NHZL30
    Reach Raven Rank A. MAM-MX/MDD
    Reach Raven Rank S. MBT-NI/GULL
    Reach Rank A-3 In The Arena. MCL-SS/RAY
    Reach Raven Rank D. MRL-MM/011
    Reach Rank A-1 In The Arena. MWG-MG/FINGER
    Reach Rank B-4 In The Arena. MWG-SRFE/8
    Reach Raven Rank C. MWGG-NHRL-100
    Defeat Arena Rank E-15 RGI-KDA01

    Contributed by: Anonymous 

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