Just when you thought you'd hung up the that kreigsmarine hat for good, the phone rings... ships need sinking.

User Rating: 8.5 | Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific U-Boat Missions PC
Silent hunter IV (once patched to oblivion) was a good old fashioned sub sim and worked as a natural expansion to Silent Hunter III (not surprisingly) however something always seemed lacking. I couldn't put my finger on it until this expansion came out... u-boats. I might be a little strange (I've been told by most of my friends that a little doesn't cover it) but when I hear the word Submarines two things come to mind. 1 - Red October (Sean's dodgy accent) and 2 - Germans in flat caps, sweating in a steal tube and trying to blow stuff up. Ok, my friends are right and I'm more than a little weird, but most people would think of U-boats whenever someone said submarine. Silent Hunter IV takes us back to the German service and it delivers something very very special... an expansion that feels better than the original.
The menu system is greatly improved, the interface feels a lot more friendly and above all the submarine controls and general gameplay works like an extension of your hand. It's very hard to pinpoint exact things but I'll try, the small icons informing/reminding you of your submarine's situation, the supply ship at sea, ability to have ongoing objectives (complete one set and you can ask for more) and also the huge population of ships at sea.
The "new dynamic" set up in this game is the ability to call in air support and other support systems from your allies and this certainly comes in handy when you're in a tight spot but thankfully doesn't take over too much of the gameplay.
There are some things that still bug me though. The games insistence that every time anything comes close, whether friend or foe, it has to slow the speed down. This isn't a problem when it's a single friendly unit moving away but if it's a convoy on a parallel course... well it's gets very very annoying. They have, however, fixed the strange bug from Silent Hunter IV where you'd happily be sailing along set to 7160 speed and suddenly be informed that your submarine had crashed into an island that didn't appear on the map...
All in all, this game is a joy to behold, so much fun, so much entertainment and so much to do and over all... it feels more like a sub sim than it's parent game. Certainly worth the £10 that it's currently selling for.
Now if you'll excuse me... I have a convoy to attack...