Good game but with room for improvement.

User Rating: 8.6 | Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific PC
Before purchasing this game I looked over a number of reviews by professionals and players and was unsure as to whether this game would be worth my time and money. The descriptions sounded good but many players seemed very unhappy. Here's my take...Its a great game, but there are drawbacks. It seems to have been rushed onto the market. Even with the newest 1.02 patch installed the game can be jerky and slow loading(Could be just my comp but I've run a number of high level games recently which almost no technical issues.) The game can also be overwhelming. There isn't alot of solid documentation explaining the nuances of submarining. I initially attempted to play with almost exclusively realistic settings and found it next to impossible to jump right in. The booklets did shed some light on how to plot a firing solution and other technical aspects but were sadly not quite up to snuff. However, after ramping things down a bit and letting the computer automatically compute my firing solutions the game became quite addicting and fun. It does take a while to get used to the game play and I still haven't got everything figured out but am slowly learning. Overall I think this game is a good one but I wouldn't recommend it for a casual gamer. I am able to look past some of the glitches and jerky aspects(Save often) because I'm a big fan of realistic war simulators and had been looking for a good sub game. I got my copy off ebay, brand new and sealed for 33 bucks after shipping. For me it has been money well spent. LKC