Sloppy work

User Rating: 6.3 | Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific PC
Too many problems. Game has been out for while now and has had 2 major patches already and still has a lot to be fixed. Hopefully near future will provide patch that fixes bugs better and has stabilized game play. Silent Hunter III has many working things as for example weapons, crew, damage management that would have had worked fine with with SH4 but they have been changed to worse. This is good example why games should be made without any rush and tight schedule. SH4 has its good things like improved graphics and damage modeling but it doesn't save the game from being letdown. If we will see SH5 someday i hope they don't repeat same mistakes again. In overall the game is fun to play when it works and doesn't crash to desktop. I recommend those who have not bought this game yet to wait until working patch has come out.