A serious series let down

User Rating: 7.5 | Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific PC
When i was playing Silent Hunter III and saw screen shots for Silent Hunter IV, i thought it would be a brilliant step up. How wrong i was!
There is limited modding ability, and unlike SH 3, there appear to be no acoustic torpedos, so killing is harder.
True, it is good to be using submarines from a different country rather than concentrating on the German Kriegsmarine, but there are still problems with the American subs.
Deck guns are located on the back by default, so killing on the surface is harder when the target is ahead of you.
The American subs are also painfully slow, meaning that getting to the target is harder than in previous titles in the series.
Here, it isn't about fighting to stay alive, its more about trying to live with the let down in the series.
I only hope that Silent Hunter 5 (if there is going to be one) brings back the best bits from SH 3, while retaining the glossy bits from SH 4.