The best in the series with an interesting approach to combat and an incredible story it's a must for any horror fan.

User Rating: 9.5 | Silent Hill: Shattered Memories PSP
Shattered Memories is kind of a re-imagining of the story from the original Silent Hill. As in the original the game begins with Harry Mason climbing from the wreck of his car and realising his young daughter Cheryl is missing. This is Harry's reason for searching the eerily quiet streets of Silent Hill. And search the streets you should for there are mementos (collectibles) hidden all through out the town which are worth seeking out. As I walked along the empty streets repeatedly tapping X to make Harry scream out his daughters name I noticed the incredible amount of detail that riddled the empty resort town. Posters and notice boards all have information on them which you can choose to read. A new addition to the series is the phone which you will need to call the many hidden numbers which is a nice touch. The phone is also how you save the game and povides you with a help full map. There isn't really an inventory in the game and you can't use health drinks like in it's predecessors you also can't attack your pursuers. This makes for an interesting take on the horror genre as the enemys chase you all you can do is run it makes for some incredibly tense sections of the game.
Long gone is the rusty other world now as all hell breaks loose the world freezes over ice covers the roads and walls and creatures emerge from the shadows to hunt Harry. When horrid beasts aren't chasing you you'll retern to the series re appearing Doctor Kaufman who will ask you various questions which will change the game world depending on how you answer. In one such scene you are presented with several pictures of people the good Doctor then proceeds to ask the player which of the people are dead and which are merely sleeping. It's moments like this that make Shattered Memories worth playing all things change evolve the box boasts and that's exactly what they do. Some play troughs charecters clothes hair and even speech will have changed depending on the choices you make. On one go you might pass through a TV shop and then next time you might go in a dress shop instead.
This game demand's you to play it again and again to see everything and that isn't a bad thing for on each run you will find new things phone numbers to call and mementos to collect. If your a fan of Silent Hill you will adore Shattered memories if not you should still give this a try you will most likely find it a very rewarding experience.