[9.25/10] First ever Silent Hill that i played which also works just good and provides both interesting and tense Story.

User Rating: 9 | Silent Hill: Shattered Memories PSP
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Probably Gonna Be Nominated for 2010's Best PSP Game by Me and Gamespot.
The Game is Amazing, Interesting, and Have one of The Best Gaming Stories ever !!!

- The Details -

* Graphics - 90/100
Probably one of The Best Graphics for The PSP Console - Well Made

* Gameplay - 85/100
Even Though The Game Not included Any Weapons The Combination of Running and Puzzling Made This Game a Blast !!

* Music - 95/100
The Music Is Well Made for A Dramatic/Survivalist Horror Game The only Thing That made this Game scary were The Sound Effects and The Background Music !!

* Design - 85/100
Well Made World with Some Beautiful Character Design and Fantastic Open World even when everything was Ice it still was a very beautiful World

* Story - 95/100
I wouldn't say Probably i would say for sure that it was the Best Silent Hill Story Game of All Times i Hope The Upcoming Silent Hill 8 will beat this Game Record !!

Final Rate of 9/10 !!!
A must Have for a Silent Hill Fan and a whole new experience for a horror games Fan