an extent

User Rating: 7.5 | Silent Hill: Shattered Memories WII
When i read that this was suppose to be a remake of the instant classic Silent Hill for PS1 i was stoked to say the least. Once i popped the game in and discovered that it is loosly based around the first game, ok no problem. It is still bookoos fun.

You use the wii remote like a flashlight and point it around to see and the nunchuk to move. Quite innovative. Sometimes you get voice messages from your in game cell phone and you can listen to them on the wii remote speaker, which is also cool.

The main bad thing is when the world freezes over and the creatures start coming out. It looks awesome when this happens dont get me wrong, but ughhhhhhhh its the most annoying thing trying to "escape" from these beasts. You cant fight them like in other games, you have to run from them. If and when they catch you, you have to sling your arms like a madman around trying to throw them off with the motion of the controller. But depending on where they are hanging on you depends on how you sling em.

Not only that but you end up running forever around and around these areas trying to find the exit. As there are no deffinite ways to go.

All in all a decent fun and innovative game with a few minor setbacks.