A good story in a heavily misrepresented game.

User Rating: 5 | Silent Hill: Shattered Memories PS2

They say that this game will create your own personal nightmare. That's BS. This Silent Hill game is just a lore exhausting game with no impressiveness. The only thing good about this game is its story but that doesn't make this game worth it in my opinion.

The game kinda creeps you out at first, but you'll just get used to it eventually (including the monsters). I mean the gameplay just goes so redundant as you progress, and the biggest turn off of this game is that it claims to "create your own personal nightmare based on your choices." THAT'S THE BIGGEST BULLSH*T OF THIS GAME. Your choices only changes the ending BUT NOT THE CREEPINESS OF THE GAME ITSELF!

To sum it up, I felt kinda let down about this game. The first silent hill was cool and scary but this one is just not that close to it.