Very intense and fun game,good graphics,plot is kind of hard to understand if this is the first SH to start with.

User Rating: 7.5 | Silent Hill: Origins PSP
In this game you play as Travis,a man who got troubled past...the game itself is fun,the stages and graphics are well designed (SPECIALLY IF NOISE FILTER IS OFF) you have a variety of weapons to attack with.The game makes sure that you never run out of weapons ,when I finished the game I had 20 weapons left,so thats a good thing.There arent so many different enemies to fight with,but that doesent matter much.Variety of puzzles to solve and objectives which makes it even more enjoyable to play,just make sure that you collect all the hints about solving it.Like I said the plot is kind of weird and it makes you think that no matter how mysterious it is,that you will get all the answers in the end,but you dont.The game partially makes it up by its gameplay.Don't go spending your ammo for every foe. A very interesting thing is that you get to unlock the Accolades by beating the game by some special conditions,they look pretty cool,you get special weapons and firearms with some as well.And you get the extra options,so you can adjust some cool stuff.

Overall its a great game