it just make your mind split .. makes u in a blast .. bt very entertainment to play :)

User Rating: 7 | Silent Hill: Origins PS2
outstandin' .. awesome .. cool .. wht else im a teenager nd' theres millions of words that i will say .. bt in the end i'll say the game is amazin' and i thank 'KONAMI' for makin' such a great game .. thats it . :) yeah by the way .. i like origins more than silent hill 2 .. cuz in origins you feel that you are in the game and livin' it and know that its right .. thats how i felt .. but to be honest sometimes it males you feel the ''goospas'' yeah wht a freakin' feelin' bt yeah its entertainment so thats how it should be .. bt theres somthin' that bothers me about that game .. that the story is borin' .. and the gameplay its kinda hard from my opinion .. bt wht the hell .. c'mon its fabulous .. i like it and i played it and ready to play it again and again and again and again ........
maybe the next time when i play it .. maybe i should say where is the bumby rodes and freakin' hard mission where they are ... ''cheats'' :P