It's been hunting me in my dreams, and I still want more.

User Rating: 8.5 | Silent Hill: Origins PSP
Silent Hill: Origins is awesome and it's a must-have for all PSP owners. It's my first SH game (Yes, I've been living under a rock) and I absolutely love it!

The game has a solid storyline, clever puzzles, a disturbingly frightening atmosphere, pretty cool combat and amazing graphics for a handheld.

Okey, now let's talk about what the game does wrong. Although the combat is fun and the game lets you pick up random objects and use them as weapons, I see a lot of unused potential. The finishing moves, for example. After you beat down your foes you have to finish them off, or they'll get back on their feet. For some games brutal finishing moves are the hilight of the combat system, here, they're boring and unsatisfying. I'd much rather prefer smashing my enemy's head with my freshly equipped hammer, than just stomping it.

Another thing I didn't like about this game - it's easy to get lost. I mean
the buildings are frickin' huge! Corridors, stairs, elevators, doors, more doors and more corridors. Not even mentioning mirrors that work as gateways to parallel universes :P So yeah, you need to take a look at your map waaay to often.

These are my only 2 complaints about SH:O. Like I said before, this game is a must-buy. It's not one of the newer PSP titles anymore, so the price has dropped drastically. I usually don't even play horror games, because I don't see anything enjoyable about scaring yourself, but I just can't get enough of this one, it's very well made highly addictive.