Silent Hill Origins is one of the few PSP games that will keep you wanting to play more and more...

User Rating: 7.5 | Silent Hill: Origins PSP
Silent Hill Origins was the second SH game i have ever played after SH Homecoming. To be honest i was really impressed with the series and even though those two installments were not the particular best ones (according to reviews and opinions) i must say that Origins is a really good game and a psychological journey, that every fan of the series will enjoy, newcomers alike. One of the things that drew me towards the series is the mature content, the psychological repression and the feel of dread all around Silent Hill. And if you can top that off with a brilliant soundtrack and the presence of the "Pyramid Head" ( as the character's final judgment), then we, the gamers, are in for a treat. And Origins provide all of that.

Very good, mature story, that gives you the understanding of how everything started. 9/10

I have to admit that graphics are great for a PSP game. I especially enjoyed the detailed environment and how pretty much everything can be used as a weapon. 9/10

Sound/Voice Acting
An absolute masterclass of a soundtrack. Appropriate songs, amazing opening theme that will get stuck in your head and will make you start searching to purchase it ASAP. It is that good. 10/10

Controls are lacking a bit, the camera switching does unexpected things whenever you need the perfect escape route the most, but other than that it is an OK controlled game. 7/10

A very good game and the fact it is that good and is on PSP makes it even more valuable. Play it, as it is one of those games that will keep you wanting for more and more out of it. It will definitely remain in your hearts and heads (mostly) until you play the next installments. 7.5/10