Best survival horror game so far.. for the PSP!

User Rating: 9.5 | Silent Hill: Origins PSP
It may not be my first Silent Hill game, since I thought SH2 was just awesome. Silent Hill 0rigins has some impressive graphics, as far as I know.. the best for PSP (rivals and possibly beats MGS: PO). Enough about graphics though, it's visually stunning and the next step for detailed environments on the PSP (woot!). Gameplay, is pretty good so far, puzzles, movement, AI is pretty... good for a SH game. Those freaky melted skin spazzing monsters on the streets are.. quarterbacks now, and have a little kick to them too. I never thought I'd hate Silent Hill all over again, but I do now! Travis Grady may be no James Sunderland, and that's good.. don't need an emotional breakdown character to start off the PSP title. Although, that's what SH is usually all about, characters and their inner conflicts, albeit being exposed and manipulated by the powers of the town [and much more sinister things.. that we really still can't know, but have a good idea of.]

Silent Hill wasn't exactly created because of Alessa Gillespie, as the SH movie showed it to be. There are higher forces than the little demonic girl in that wrong town. So, if people want to know just a little more about Silent Hill, wiki searches.. and maybe even some forum lurking might get the real forces of Silent Hill down.

Anyway, this has been a long and boring review, why.. you may ask?

Because I'd rather be playing! and you should try a hand at it too! See for yourself.

Good hunting.