Fun Game and Interesting Story, but some broken controls and bugs bring it down.

User Rating: 6.5 | Silent Hill: Origins PS2
Silent Hill: Origins PS2/PSP Review

Tells about how Silent Hill came to be. If you're a fan of the series this is a game you should play. You may not be able to get into it if you're new to the series. Although some new people to the series may want to start with this title to under some of the event that happen later on in the series. Contains many plot twists in the story.

The controls are very simple so you can pick it up and play easily. Enemies can be easy to kill but some give you a challenge. Weapons may break but there is a plethora of weapons and ammo you find around the town. The game has the horror feeling you'd come to expect from the Silent Hill series. The game can startle you at parts that you're least expecting them to happen. A problem with the game is that when you press a button it may have a delayed reaction. When trying to finish off an enemy when it is knocked down; you may have to press the X button multiple times to have it finally react. A weird that that happens is that in the menu when you press reload on a weapon the picture may change to another gun that is in your inventory(For Example: when you reload the Shotgun the picture may change to the Target Pistol). Your stamina drops very fast, so if you're trying to get away from a fast enemy and you get tired you're most likely to get hit. This is where the Energy Drink comes in but once you go into another room the effects are gone. This game is a very short game compared to the other Silent Hill games. Has really good boss and enemy design.

Music usually only plays during cinematics, post cinematics, and bosses so I didn't really notice the music that much. Random, loud sounds play at parts when you're least expecting it (Which startled me).

Silent Hill: Origins is a fairly good game that makes a very good addition to the series. The game explains the whole beginning of how Silent Hill came to be. Great enemy designs and bosses with many plot twists. Easy to pick up and play, but broken controls and bugs brings down the game.