Erm no....Just no

User Rating: 3 | Silent Hill: Origins PS2
This game was just awful.

Controls were pants, The hideous monsters didn't do nothing but hump each other, and the executions to finish them off? well they were shocking too, im blasting this humping monster with a shotgun and it lays there flopping around on the floor after about 3 shots, and how do i finish it off you ask? Well i stamp on it, DAMN his shoes must be real hard hahaha.

The graphics were ok i guess, not that great, fire effects were pants, and the whole being in the dark through most of it sucked because you didn't really know what was going on as the graphics wern't that great to tell what was going on.

The whole story line just doesnt make sense to me, BURNING HOUSE BURNING GIRL, SAVE THE GIRL HOW ? BY KILLING THAT MONSTER HAHA.

I loved the silent hill games, i thought this was going to be great, i read reviews that said it was shocking but i thought naaah no way, i'll still get it, and well the reviews were generous in my opinion lol.

It was just a lame excuse of a game.

3 out of 10