Worth buying, especially if you haven't played them before!

User Rating: 8 | Silent Hill HD Collection PS3
CONS : Both games have several bugs and glitches that weren't even in the original games, and although Konami has adress this issue you still need to login to PSN and download the patch to fix it.
. If you are expecting an action game you are bound to be disapointed, SH2 has slugish controls and they don't differ much in SH3.
. konami has placed little effort in this game and barely added anything new. ( the few changes made actually pissed off SH fans)
. SH3 voice actors changed and there is no way to play the original voices ( this will only bother if you played the original game ).
. The unpatched version graphics are even worse than the ones in the original games, and the patched ones aren't worthy of the title "High Definition".
. It is a SH collection but SH1 and SH4 aren't in it.

PROS : The games in the collection are known to be the most liked and praised by the fans of the Silent Hill series.
. Konami has already fixed the issues related to both SH2 and SH3 in the lastest PSN patch ( thank god!)
. Both games mainly SH2 have an amazing plot that is extremely rewarding to explore.
. Soundtrack of both games is still considered a masterpiece