With HD collections being the new easy money making ploy, Silent Hill 2 and 3 get the *ahem* HD makeover.

User Rating: 6.5 | Silent Hill HD Collection PS3
I will say right off the bat, I am very much against HD collections; they are the easiest way to make a quick few quid of people with minimal effort. A quick spit polish on the rough edges and give the game the complete version, i.e with MGS for instance they released Substance and Subsistance --both expantions of the original games with extra content.
But it's fair to say you can't really go wrong with a HD re-release. And while I disagree with the money tag, I will say it is a great insentive for the new generation of gamers the chance to play some true classics.

Silent Hill 2 and 3 have been given the treatment also. I've been putting this review off for a while now to muse over what has happened to these games. Like I said, it is near fool-proof to cock up a HD collection of last-gen games. But it would appear with this collection that the "near" part is evident here, because this is not a good collection.

For a kick-off, my first question on this was "where the hell is 'The Room'?" --though it wasn't exactly a massive hit, the game is part of the last-gen series and with no reason as to why it couldn't be included, due to it not going for any theme (2 and 3 don't link up in anyway).

So as a package, you're not getting very good value for £25-£30. Two games --only one being a complete edition-- and no reason why 4 wasn't included.

The games themselves are actually worse than their PS2 releases: frame-rate issues are abundantly obvious, as it feels like you're in bullet-time for a good two thirds of the game. Graphics, well I heard the games are PC ports, so your not getting the HD treatment, you're getting the PC polish.

Then lets move on to Sound. As many hardcore fans worryingly heard, they changed the voice acting to give it the 5.1 treatment. For those really put off by the new voices they allowed you to switch to the original versions; what baffles me, though, is this is only possible for the 2nd game, not the 3rd. Why? The 2nd game is, indeed, a masterpiece, but surely it would have been an idea to give you the option for both games?
As it happens the voice-acting is actually pretty good (for the 3rd game, I can't bear to put new voices on the 2nd game). From a biast point-of-view I prefer the originals, but that's just what I grew up with.

The real FATAL flaw with the sound, however, is the developers feeling the need to change sentences --or worse!!!-- take sound clips out of the games. And allow me to tell you, this isn't me being anal or geeky toward my fanboyism, they have taken out noticable and iconic sound clips that used to sh!t people up: a prime example of this is when you go to the Historical Museum and walk/run down that very long dark hallway and hear a very disturbing siren going off in the background. To my dismay I was left hearing nothing. Why take this out? Only they will know.

So, I have pretty much panned this game, and rightly so. They have shown no respect these games which are regarded as not only genuinely terrifying games, but masterpieces. Quick cash cows to make a few quid as Downpour is released.


I have given this a rating of 6.5 for one very simple reason: even though these are horrible ports with acceptible voice acting, the games themselves can't be defeated for what they are. If you have never played these games before I urge you to get the PS2 releases for about £3 these days. If not, I would still recommend this for around £12-£15, as they are still bloody amazing games.
It's just a shame they never got the same treatment the MGS collection got.