Its just a big mess...

User Rating: 1 | Silent Hill HD Collection X360
Konami cancel the patch for the xbox360


Konami did a lot things wrong here, first they didn't include SH1 or 4 in the collection so you can't call this a collection at all-

Second they didn't include the original voices of Silent Hill 3, they said it was because they couldn't locate the original voice actors for example: Heather Morris but its a big lie, the fans locate her in a week but Konami couldn't do it in months lol and she used to work for them... what a big fat lie we have here!

Second all the sounds and voices in the game are a mess
For instance when you play Silent Hill 3 you will hear the new voices and the old ones together one above the other!!! Yes Konami you don't have any shame at all!!!
When you hear a song they will play but very bad, you have to play it to notice this kind of things
Same with some sounds effects, just go to save the game and you will understand me.
They took away sound effect and replace them with some **** for example in some parts of sh3 you will hear a baby crying when you should hear some weird cool effect...
Clearly they didn't put any effort in this they just want it the money and screw both games

When you play SH3 you will notice lag in some parts this is because the game is a port of the PC! Yes they didn't remake nothing you are playing the PC games with some minor facelift and just and horrific new sounds(in both versions)

They extended the fog(or just take it away like in sh3 and with that the atmosphere too) so sometimes you will see things that you are not suppose to, like the end of the world map..

Lips and sounds sync problems all the freaking time!
Sometimes the actors will say something that doesnt match with the original script (yes is that bad and unprofessional...)

I can go on and on with this kinds of bugs but I'm so pissed off that i just can't

The good?Well you can play a mess of silent hill 3 in your xbox 360...because SH2 was on xbox and you wont notice any big difference except for the new voices...


When they release Metal Gear hd although they didn't include MG1 they did a good job and I admit it but this is just a lame intent of Konami to get our money so don't support them.

Last I wonder what would have happened if in the Metal Gear games they've changed the original voices for others like the voice of Big boss or solid... yup they just couldn't have gotten away with it...but we let them get away with this in the SH saga so again do not support them in this shameless and lame act to get our money!


At last the admit it, konami has no shame at all....