Silent Crashing (It's still fun)

User Rating: 7 | Silent Hill HD Collection PS3

Now don't get rowdy over the title. This game is essentially the same as SH2 & 3 on the PS2/Xbox but in HD and, although patched as of this review I ran into crashes in SH3 and a bug that made my hear sink in SH2. Because of this I won't be giving it the 9 (Superb) I would normally of given the two games.

The HD does look nice. But to be honest, especially in SH2, the fog looks like a moving wall. It's very solid rather than it's SD 6th gen counterparts where it looks like genuine fog. Now this you'll end up ignoring over time but it is a downside of HD.

The final part of this review will be the bugs I ran into. In SH3, after the Leonard Wolf fight it would crash, like clockwork, on my way to the theme park. I would have to reboot the system and it'd work. I ran through the game 4 times like this (3 normal, 1 possessed) and once for UFO. Didn't encounter it on my way to the UFO ending. This may be a downside for players.

SH2 would have a problem of turning pitch black and having on walls, making it impossible to continue and backtracking 40+ minuets. This is super annoying and sucked me out of the atmosphere a heck tonne.

And because of these 2 bugs and the HD interfering with the fog that the originals do not I can only mark it as 7 (good). If you like Silent Hill 2 & 3 and want trophies, get it. It'll be fun. If you want no bugs and hardware limitations that work to an advantage, stick to the originals. Either way, it's Silent Hill. Have fun.