Am I the only one who has not had any major issues?

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I'm not looking to troll or pick a fight, honestly. I was just surprised that my experience was not nearly as annoying as others who played the game. To be fair, I have only played Silent Hill 2, so I can't comment on Silent Hill 3, but I ran through the game five or six times without any major issues. The only thing I noticed was a delay with cutscenes, and other than that I found it to be an enjoyable experience and I still prefer the game over my original copy. I should also mention I have it for the Xbox 360.


Is there anybody else out there that had better luck like myself?

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Guess not. I dont know if it's a glitch or if they chose to go with a different sound when enemies are nearby but I dont like the new sound effects. Not as creepy, the monsters have their own type of noise when you get near them, with this new version apparantly they took it out, to sound more like a radio. I still get issues but I would prefer they have just kept everything the same just up the resolution and they didn't do a very good job of it. They wont even patch the 360 version and thats the one I have. Wish I got the ps3 version now, but honeslty I dont even see any real improvement everything looks washed out for the silent hill 2 version since they use cgi instead of the in game engine which too me is why silent hill 3 is my favorite it's the most impressive looking game out of the 3 that I count as silent hill games, silent hill 2 has the winning drama story though, but the end boss wasn't as intimidating as a hulking deformed monster.

Overall I cant see why you would prefer this version over the original ones. Nothing was improved the new voices sucked, and they no longer sync with whats on the screen so takes away from watching it, it's too noticable.

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I finally bought this recently for Xbox360 despite owning the originals and promising myself I wouldn't waste the money. I haven't had any major issues yet, after finishing SH2. The only thing that really annoyed me was the noise James makes after running, instead of heavy breathing he makes some weird monster noise. Some areas could do with a bit more fog too but thats not a big issue. I thought the new voices in SH2 were ok but I'll stick with the originals next time I play it. SH3 had sound issues too. Using the machine gun results in weird sounds and lag. The game also lagged in the other world hospital at times. The new voices were ok but are way out of sync at times, which is annoying.

Overall I'd say it was worth the £12 I paid but I wouldn't say it is any better than the original games.