Can teach Resident Evil a few things about the direction they should have taken.

User Rating: 8.5 | Silent Hill: Downpour X360

- Scary, scary, scary.
- Excellent yet simple story that will keep you guessing.
- A very good protagonist who, for the first time in a Silent Hill game, will say "WTF is going on?".
- LOADS of side quests.
- Lengthy campaign with six endings.
- Sticks to it's survival horror roots, actually peddling back the action from Homecoming.
- Tons of lore items to be found around the town to enrich the story.


- Clunky inventory option
- Difficulty differentiating between "quest" items and useless melee items like a rock or brick until you pick them up.
- Combat can be frustrating given the mechanics of some basic enemies.
- Only two "real" boss battles in the entire game.
- The journal/map/mystery book can be a big lump of confusing sometimes.

Bottom Line: Must buy for survival horror and Silent Hill fans. Rest assured the series is in good hands now.