Silent Hill: Downpour is not as bad as some may say.

User Rating: 8.5 | Silent Hill: Downpour X360
While there are faults in Silent Hill: Downpour's design, it does offer solid gameplay and an enjoyable experience. The storyline flourishes while the combat system leaves you wanting more depth. Rarely is there more to a fight than smashing the 'X' button and periodically pressing 'Y' to block an incoming enemy attack.. Now, having said that, the game is not as bad as some may say. It's hard to replicate the feeling you get when you're trapped in a dark, enclosed area using a lighter to illuminate your way with nothing more than a long piece of wood to ward off the approaching deadly creatures. There are times when the frame rate drops, leading to potential freezes (I believe this is an error in the autosave feature), however, after the first few hours of gameplay, the issue appeared to decrease exponentially. In short, the game is certainly worth playing.. But you may want to wait until the price drops a bit.