A quality game with a mesmerizing story and atmosphere. Quite underrated.

User Rating: 8 | Silent Hill: Downpour PS3
Silent Hill Downpour has a very nice atmosphere with absolutely awesome cutscenes with great graphics and sound. The story is also very interesting and pulls you. The game had terrible framerate and technical issues in the past but it has been UPDATED and it greatly reduced now. The sidequests make the game pretty good. The puzzles are pretty good too. It is a quality game if you look at it in terms of story, graphics and sound. It just draws you in. Remember, the reason for the low scores is because of the technical issues which have been mostly fixed by the update.

Now let's move to the bad side a little. The gameplay does get a little repetitive with the combat and stuff, the monster design is boring. I would have liked a little more diversified action. You can easily get 'lost' in this game. The controls are a little confusing. The game does stutter once in a while after doing some sidequests but not much and not annoying. And finally, it is a little forgettable

If you like Alan Wake, Heavy Rain then you'll like this game. (this is very similar to Alan Wake)

A great addition to the Silent Hill series.
Overall. 8.0/10