When you come to Silent hill, you may never come back.

User Rating: 9 | Silent Hill: Downpour PS3
So first of all, Iam really like that Silent hill universum. I love both movies, i like comics, and games of course. I finished Silent hill 1,3,4 and Downpour. I own Silent hill origins, 2 and Homecoming. This game series is for me something like real horror game. I was really hype when i heard there is Downpour, but when this game was reallese i dont own PS3 or Xbox 360 console. And i was naive and trying wait for PC version. After 3 monts i buy PS3 and I buy this game. So first time what i really like in this game is awesome beggining. Cut-scenes was really great, and beggining credits was really enjoyable. And main character Murphy? I totally like him. All this story mode was awesome, i dont know what can happen and this is full of surprises. End of game kick my b*lls really hard.

Gameplay is pretty good, but when i first time come to town i dont know what i must doing, this is probably first problem in this game, when i come to half of game it was ok, i know what i must to do, but in the beggining i just dont know. And that map? I never used it. Other of things what i dont like is dark. Dont get me wrong its creepy game, and i love sound when something approach when iam totally in dark, but sometimes i just really dont know where am I.But other things in this game was really succesfull. Like monsters there is like 5 monster in this game, thats not too much but they´re really scary. Combat system is pretty hard but after few kills it´s ok. Side quest its pretty good and they´re pretty damn scary.

I think Silent hill Donwpour is good game, its not the best of Silent hill but its really fun to play it. Now i go play Homecoming.